Privacy Policy for Appetito Technologies, Inc.

Privacy Policy

APPETITO acknowledges the criticality of your privacy and therefore pledges to protect it. This policy will elaborate on the types of information collected or provided by our users when they interact with our website or use our apps and the process of utilization that this is comprised of: usage, protection, maintenance, and disclosure of information.

APPETITO policy is a dynamic framework that must comply and conform to global and local standards and requirements and is thus subject to occasional changes. Upon the occurrence of said changes or updates, APPETITO will inform all users by posting the updated policy on this website; so, in order to stay well-informed on the subject, APPETITO encourages users to visit and review this section regularly.

Please note that all policy changes and updates will automatically decommission and replace any preceding policies and will apply to past, current and future users as of the date highlighted above.

Collection and Utilization

Direct collection of personally identifiable information from our users is strictly prohibited unless they provide it willingly. Interactions that would initiate transactions, such as placing an order or requesting communication, will need the provision of such personally identifiable information, yet access to our website or apps does not require any kind of information provision if the user’s purpose is to browse and view content.

If the user chooses to use our services and thereby create an account on our platform, the following personal identification information will be required: name, phone number(s), email address, address(es), and billing information. Should the user decides to shop with us, the collected information would be used for delivering the services the user requests, such as processing and tracking an order, or any such manner pertaining to the policy and as per the policy description and utilization. Additionally, occasional communication might be established through the contact information that the user lists unless they opt out or refrain from dealing in this form of communication, which can be done by going through the “Opt Out” section of this very policy.

Users’ emails are used for the internal aspects of the process, such as order tracking and confirmation or in a manner pertaining to this policy. To keep the users up to date on the latest APPETITO news, occasional communication may be established with users through email, SMS or phone. In case a user desires to opt out of the mailing service, they can contact APPETITO at their convenience (kindly find contact details below). As for gift recipients, they may as well occasionally receive communication from APPETITO concerning new offers and services that APPETITO thinks might be appealing or of interest to them. Gift recipients maintain the personal preference of opting out of receiving any marketing related notifications in the future at their convenience.

In particular circumstances, should it be deemed necessary to identify, contact, or bring to legal bear individuals or entities that may be causing damage/harm to the user, APPETITO, or others, APPETITO may then disclose personal identifiers. This includes the cases of this being on a legal mandate or warrant, for personal data collected by the website may be transferred to a new acquirer or entity in case APPETITO was subject to acquisition, merger, consolidation, sale, or transfer of the entirety or a substantial segment of APPETITO or its assets.

Analytical Tools and Technology (Cookies)

In order to improve users’ experience, provide better interfacing and cataloguing, and understand how users interact with our website and apps, we employ analytical tools and cookies to help us collect the required data.

Account Management

Users have full control over their accounts. They can contact APPETITO through email at [email protected] to perform any changes to their accounts, this including corrections or deletions of personal identifiers, or any such form of editing. Users can naturally view and access their accounts without communication.


  • APPETITO will NEVER store, sell, share, rent, lease, or intentionally leak any details and personal identifiers including credit/debit card information to any third parties.
  • ABC is our digital partner operating as the payment gateway that processes all online payments.
  • Remember: APPETITO website policies and terms and conditions are subject to change and must comply and conform to global and local standards and requirements. For customers to stay attuned, APPETITO recommends that they regularly visit and review the updated sections for further information on the changes.

Please note that all changes and modifications apply as of the date they are deployed.


APPETITO prides itself in the sophisticated administration of tech structures that form up a formidable phalanx. We at APPETITO believe that no cost is too great to protect our users’ personal information from any intrusion, accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized disposal, disclosure, and loss of access or use. APPETITO acts on the conviction that user data privacy and security is paramount.

Opt Outs

Users can use the contact details listed below should they prefer not to receive any communication from APPETITO regarding marketing matters.

Account Data Deletion

To request Deletion of your Account, you can send an official email request from your registered email on [email protected]

Contact Us:

Email: [email protected]

Kindly feel free to ask us any questions, file for complaints, submit comments, or opt out of marketing and update emails by contacting us via the above-mentioned contact details.